Earn Crystals
in Marsenary

with the power of your computer

Download application for Windows By using the program, you accept the terms of the user agreement

How does the app work

Download and install
the application
Log in with your
game account
Start earning
Take your reward
into the game

How much can you earn

Earnings depend on:
  • computer power
  • the time application is running
  • the quantity of computers on which
    the application is being used simultaneously
Average earnings:
a day
Minimum system requirements:
Intel Core i3-6300 3.8 GHz quad-core processor or AMD FX-4350 4.2 GHz; RAM: 6 GB
Application security tested and approved by the leading antivirus software


Михаил Лысенко
Cool and convenient service! I was super pleased with the quick earnings of in game currency! I advise all gamers to give it a try!
Игорь Ероханов
I think GoodLand works perfectly (for both powerful and weak PCs). I've been using this program since the stage of its appearance in the game, there are zero complaints on my side.
Никита Никишин
It's cool that there's such a service. Without any hassle, you're guaranteed to receive currency without any investment.


How can you get more rewards for using GoodLand?
To increase the size of the reward, keep GoodLand running for as long as possible. The higher the power of your computer, the higher the payout will be
Can GoodLand be used as an alternate for different game accounts?
Yes. After launching the application, it's possible to change the account. The reward for GoodLand work will be credited to the account that's authorized at the time of its activation
Is GoodLand safe for your computer?
Yes. GoodLand is completely safe for your computer. GoodLand is tested and approved by the leading antivirus software. Yes it is. GoodLand is entirely safe for your computer. For more than 2 years, there have been no cases of computers damaged while using the application
How often can I use GoodLand? Are there any restrictions?
There are no restrictions. None. If the computer meets the system requirements, you can use GoodLand all the time